Ultimate Viking Games - Norse Hawk

Ultimate Viking Games

Challenge Your Friends To The Ultimate Games!


Compete in different games of skill

to see who is the ultimate Viking:


Play rounds of Traditional Nordic Throwing Games:

Bull Rings, Spin-Ladder, Skittle Tower, Molkky & Kubb.

Learn to Throw Axes, & face-off in a Throwing Tournament.

Take turns knocking nails into a stump with our mini Thor’s hammers!

Enter our VR Gaming Area to beat, slam and smash out some Highscores

Go old school on our Pong table (minus the beer!)

Slap Cards & try not to say the wrong word

with our adult card games!



Create Your Own Custom Games Package:

Minimum 6 people

– £30 each for 2 hours Private Hire

– £50 each for 4 hours Private Hire

~ Choose from 4 – 8 Games

~ Afternoons & Evenings available


> or Create your own  AFTER PARTY

~ Bring your own Food & Drink (*alcohol may only be consumed AFTER any Throwing Games!)

~ Additional Party Games available


Email us at info@norsehawk.org for available dates or larger group discounts





Covid Safety

We are following all guidelines set by the government, allowing us to continue to deliver a safe and fun training environment and experience. See our full Covid informatio here…