Ultimate Viking Games

   Challenge Your Friends To The Ultimate Games!


Compete in different games of skill

to see who is the ultimate Viking:


– Play rounds of Traditional Nordic Throwing Games:

Bull Rings, Spin-Ladder, Jenga Tower, Molkky & Kubb.

– Learn to Throw Axes, & face-off in a Throwing Tournament.

– Take turns knocking nails into a stump with our mini Thor’s hammers!

– Enter our VR Gaming Area to beat, slam and smash out some Highscores

– Go old school on our Pong table (minus the beer!)

– Slap Cards & try not to say the wrong word

with our adult card games!



Create Your Own Custom Games Package:

Minimum 6 people

– £30 each for 2 hours (1 hour axes + 1-2 games)

– £50 each for 4 hours  (2 hours axes + 4 games)

~ Afternoons & Evenings available 

~ Longer sessions available for bigger groups.


> or Create your own  VIKING PARTY

~ Bring your own Food & Drink (*alcohol may only be consumed AFTER any Throwing Games!)

~ Additional Party Games available


Email us at info@norsehawk.org for available dates or larger group discounts





Covid Safety

We are following all guidelines set by the government, allowing us to continue to deliver a safe and fun training environment and experience. See our full Covid informatio here…