One to One Personal Training

Book a 1-to-1 personal training slot in our private gym, where we focus 100% on you and your goals.

Our knowledgeable female coach will help you increase your confidence, improve your body composition, and build better habits for sustainable results.

Single Sessions from £25

Monthly Packages from £80 ~ 1 session a week
£160 ~ 2 sessions a week


Not sure where to start? 

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4 Week Beginner

Build your fitness, increase strength & burn fat with this full body approach.

You’ll learn compound movements, build a solid foundation, and progress each week by linking movements together to create supersets and mini circuits, using a mixture of free weights, and cable machines.

Perfect for beginners or those wishing to rebuild fitness.

£160 – for 2 sessions a week

£80 – for 1 session a week


8 Week Strength

  Build muscle and increase strength with this push-pull split, working on a main compound movement such as back squat and bench press, followed by accessory movements, and fat burning finishers to give you a full body workout.

Ideal for those wanting to create better body composition, building muscle and dropping fat.

£290 – for 2 sessions a week


12 Week Transformation

 Transform your physique through blocks of hypertrophy, strength and power.

You’ll build a foundation of quality movement, starting with low weight and higher reps to perfect form and technique. You’ll build muscle and increase strength as you learn new movements, with weight increasing and reps decreasing.

Great for those wanting a full training program.

£380 – for 2 a week

£540 – for 3 a week 

 £600 – for 4 a week

Payable in monthly instalments


Why choose us?

Accountability & Motivation

Develop accountability to help keep you motivated towards your goals

Measure Progression

What gets measured gets managed

Maximum Results with Minimum Time

We ensure you maximise your workouts, and minimise your time

Technique & Form

Developing proper technique and form to minimise injury and maximise results!

Covid Safety

We are following all guidelines set by the government, allowing us to continue to deliver a safe and fun training environment and experience. See our full Covid information here...