Thirsty Thor Drinking Game Set

Vikings loved games of skill and we do too!

So gather your family and friends for this addictive ring toss game, with a Viking twist: we call it Thirsty Viking!

Each game set comes with a ring toss game, strings and rings, a scoring ladder, and rules card. An epic glass drinking horn, with a stand and a Thor's hammer bottle opener to make you feel truly mighty.

The drinking horn stand comes pre-assembled, and the ring toss game easily slots together, but the strings will need to be adjusted before gameplay to ensure you win!

Game Dimensions are: 25cm/9.8" wide by 28cm/11" high.

These are hand-made gift packs, each has a custom burn pattern to both the drinking horn stand and ring toss game, making them truly unique. And they come packaged in a gift box making them ideal for Christmas, family games, and parties.

*Handcrafted by a small UK business, based in Devon
*FREE local collection


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