Thrúd Throwing Axe

Þrúðr or Thrúd means strength in Old Norse, and is both the daughter of Thor and a Valkyrie in Norse Mythology – so there’s no fiercer name for this throwing axe!

Our axes are perfect as a display piece, but are also fully functional throwing axes. They are made from an English ash haft and high carbon steel blade that has been blackened, and come with a leather axe head sheath. Each axe is customised with a unique burn pattern, and can also be rune burnt or leather wrapped upon request.

Approximate specs:

Edge: Sharp
Length: 47cm
Blade width: 12.5cm
Blade length: 12cm
Grip length: 40cm
Weight: 800g

Note: You must be over 18 to buy this product. Age Verification will be required before shipping.

To keep in good condition, keep the high carbon steel heads dry, and regularly oil when not in use.


Free Local Pick-up Available – combine your purchase with an Axe Throwing Session & throw before you buy! 



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