Bury The Hatchet on 2021

How has 2021 been for you? 

Want to see it out in style?🪓

Bring your own Target faces & Axe the Year!


From 28th-31st December you can BURY THE HATCHET on 2021!!


Session Format: All sessions are private, so you won’t share with other groups, and will be held indoors.

~ Following a safety brief from your dedicated Axe coach, you’ll learn how to hold an axe, where to stand, and how to make it Thunk into the target.

~ You’ll play scoring rounds with throwing angels and hatchets

~ Then it’s time to bury the hatchet – literally – in the things that upset your year!

Bring your own target faces – that could be a PHOTO of an ex, your old job, your neighbour’s yappy dog, a bad habit, or a certain illness that been disrupting things!

Sessions are 1.5 hours, for groups of 4 or more 0r 60minutes for two people – with late morning, afternoon and evening times available.


Just head to our booking page, select “Indoor Axe Throwing”, then your chosen date & time. Or give us a call on 07475105249, to check for additional availability.

Save 20% with code: axemas

Email us if you have a larger group, or can’t find the date you want

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