Viking Team Games


Vikings loved games of skill, why not challenge your team to see who is the ultimate Viking?

Choose an Axe Throwing Session –


Start with a full safety brief and axe tutorial,

have a practice round then choose your teams.

We’ll play scoring rounds with Throwing Angels and Hatchets.

Then it’s time for axe games – first team to hit 21 exactly without going bust, first team to win 6 rounds and claim V-I-K-I-N-G, then first team to Hit Their Calls to claim victory!

Minimum 6 people 

~ £20 each for 1.5 hours,

or 2 hours for groups of 10 or more.


Want to go full Viking?

Add Viking Games to make it a half-day activity.

Compete in  rounds of Traditional Nordic Throwing Games:

start with Bull Rings – first team to hit 30 points,

Spin-Ladder- best of 4 rounds,

Molkky – first team to exactly 50 points! 

Or add giant jenga, skittle tower & Kubb for larger groups.

Then it’s time for Axes!

Start with a full safety brief, axe tutorial, and a practice round then choose your teams.

We’ll play scoring rounds with two kinds of axes, then face-off

in a Throwing Tournament

or Axe Games.

Reward the victors with Rune Tokens!!

Redeem them for drinks, merch, or a Viking Trophy – choose from T-shirts, Rune Wheels, Wolf Arm Bands, Spearheads or even a Viking Axe!

Then it’s time to celebrate… Valhalla Awaits in our Viking Garden, with a picnic, BBQ or drinks in Thor’s Bar area.



Minimum 8 people 

~ £30 each for 3 hours of games/private hire 

~ Afternoons & Evenings available.


~ £500 for 5 hours of games + private hire 

~ Bring your own food & drink 

~ compete as teams in rounds of bull rings, molkky, throwing angels & hatchets. Break for a Viking picnic. Then try viking axes, spin ladder & Thor’s jenga tower. 



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for available dates





Axe Games

Covid Safety

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