Odin Gift Pack

The perfect Viking Christmas Gift for the Odin in your life!

Feel truly mighty when you open a beer with a hammer bottle opener, then toast your victories with this Viking rune beer tankard! Lined with stainless steel, with a wooden texture resin case, it's etched with runes and ideal for any Viking drinking occasion. Or choose the epic glass drinking horn, a modern take on the traditional Nordic drinking horn  that comes with it's own stand.

Item type: mug/tankard
Material: resin
Liner material: 304 stainless steel, Colour: Dark grey, brown and blue
Capacity: 600ml
Size: Height 15cm (5.9in) & Diameter 8.3cm (3.2in)

Soda-lime Glass Drinking Horn with birch wood stand that easily screws together. Capacity: 170z/480ml. Hand wash only.