Summer Viking Night

Come party like a Viking!

We're having a Summer Viking Games Night


Saturday 29th July ~ 6.00pm - late

Enter your Team to play our Viking Games Tournament

(Max 6 people per team, or you'll be assigned a team when you arrive)

Compete in Axe Throwing Games, followed by mead-tasting, food and more games.

  • Learn to throw Axes - with a full safety brief & tutorial
  • Compete in Scoring rounds & a game of 21 points-or-bust
  • Face-off in a Balloon-burst Knockout
  • Finish with a game of Raid! where you compete to steal players from the other team.
  • When you've completed all the axe games, it's time to crown the winning team and celebrate like a Viking!
  • Toast the winners with Mead-Tasting – Complimentary Mead token with each Full Viking Ticket. Additional drinks from be purchased from the bar throughout the night.


  • Tear into our Viking Banquet – with our charcuterie sharing boards (vegetarian & vegan options available)


  • The it's time for a game of Hammerslagen! select your hammer, and be the first to knock your nail into the log round, taking it in turns  one tap at a time
  • Try our traditional Viking Games of Molkky - Finish skittles where you'll hit 50 points exactly or bust
  • Stige - a bolas game traditionally played at sea, where you'll aim to loop balls on rope around the ladder rungs, first team to 21 points exactly will win.
  • Kubb - a game of defeating wooden soldiers & Thor's Tower


  • Challenge your friends to a Viking Drinking Game - with Viking Beer Pong & Viking Dice


  • Due to the bad weather forecast we won't be lighting out outdoor Viking firepit. This will be an INDOOR event only.
+ We've got a special guest with us! Jules Seager is well known for his roles in Vikings: Valhalla and Viking Legacy, as well as being the face of Eivor from Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Jules will have a signing both, so don't miss out on your chance to meet a real Viking, and share a mead with him too!
Event Runtime:
  • 6.00 Doors Open
  • 6.30 - 7.30pm/8.00 AXE THROWING GAMES
  • 8pm Mead-tasting can begin!
  • 8pm Food is served
  • All our Viking Games are open to play for the rest of the night
  • Meet Jules Seager from Vikings - signing booth at 6pm & 8pm
  • 11pm finish
> Full Viking £30 per ticket for Axe Throwing & Viking Games, 1 Mead Token & Food >> Entry from 6pm
> Half Viking £15 per ticket for Entry & Food Only >> Entry from 8pm
>> Over 18s only for this event
> All Full Viking Tickets some with a Complimentary Mead Token
> There will be a Bar with Drinks Tokens running from 7.30pm (after we've thrown all the axes!)
Best dressed Viking wins a prize!
Let's get our Viking on together!