Viking Jewellery & Gift Vouchers

Treat a loved one to a Viking Jewellery Gift Set.

Choose from hammer pendants, bracelets and oath rings, and combine with an Axe Throwing Gift Voucher for just £20 per person.

> Thor Hammer Mjolnir Pendant – embrace the power of Thor! Made from stainless steel, with a 50cm adjustable chain length. £12

> Wolf Arm Ring – traditionally they were given by Viking chieftains to secure the allegiance of warriors, and thus were often known as oath rings. They continue to be a symbol of both trust, honour and pride. Made from stainless steel, it is safe to be worn in water and won’t rust or tarnish. £20

> Rune bracelet with Thor Mjolnor hammer clasp. Made from paracord and stainless steel, 27cm length. £8

> Odin Valknut cuff bracelet. Synthetic leather with a metal plate imbued with the power of the Valknut – a symbol of strength, meaning the “knot of dead warriors / knot of the fallen.” 27cm length, 4cm width. £12


Just go to the drop-down box and select your gift option. SKOL!

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL GIFT VOUCHERS HAVE AN EXPIRY DATE OF DECEMBER 2024, they must be redeemed by the end of december 2024.