What is VR Gaming?

Virtual reality is a fully-immersive gaming experience offering single and multiplayer games, suitable for all ages from 8years+, with no technical knowledge required.

Each session features a tutorial experience to learn how to use the headset and navigate the menus. You’ll start off with an introductory mini game, then you’ll be able to choose your own adventure. You’ll enjoy a fully immersive 3D experience in our soft matted gaming area, with gameplay displayed on flatscreen TVs for your friends to follow your progress.

Choose to play Viking war drums, wielding hammers to strike rune notes and spur your long ship onto victory, slash cubes with lightsabers along to a killer beat, enter a gladiator’s arena, or a zombie shoot ’em up. Be trapped in a room with a boom, and get your friends to give you clues to disarm it, mix potions as a wizard’s apprentice or interact with our adorable dino pet – with VR the possibilities are endless.

Our VR Gaming area is the perfect indoor activitiy – especially on rainy days – for friends and families, as well as birthday parties and special occasions. Why not combine it with an Axe Throwing session, or create your ultimate games night with your own afterpaty?


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