Family Zombie Games

Family Zombie Day is Saturday 23rd!

2-4pm – £5 per person 

> Zombie Axe Games ~ Throw Axes at zombie targets ~ Slay swinging zombie heads ~ Burst zombie balloons (suitable for 9 years+)

> Spooky Kids Activities with SCIENCEDIPITY (for ages 5-12)

 + “Pumpkin pick up”,  “Zombie Brain Toss” & Zombie Tin Can Nerf Shooting Game (for ages 5+)


~ Reward your zombie-slaying skills with FOOD from NORTH DEVON HOG ROAST, serving food from 3.30pm

~ and Barista coffee, hot chocolates and snacks from the Cheeky Camper all day


Book in Here – £5 per person 

(under 5’s are free, though they’ll be a bit too young to join in the games)



Want to celebrate afterwards?


Adults Zombie Apocalypse Survival Party from 4pm till late:

— 4.00-5.30pm Axe Throwing Zombie Games (suitable for ages 10+)

> Viking Fire Boat🔥 

> North Devon Hog Roast & Takeaway

> Mead Bar with the awesome More Mead Company 🍻

> Hot drinks from the Cheeky Camper 

— 6.00-7pm Interactive Storytelling from Blue Cap Adventures

“Tales from the Underworld”

Once, in an ancient land, the rocks of the earth broke open and a young goddess was dragged down beneath. Today she returns to tell the stories she has carried back.

Want to know how they go? So do we! You’ll choose the path through tales of trapped gods, rivers of fire and desperate grasps for the light. Will you traverse the Duat, battle Hel, or take Hades on at his own game? Decide what the characters should do, then leave their fate and yours to the roll of the dice.

A playful, interactive game theatre piece for those who’ve had their choices limited this past year, exploring grief, identity, and the need to be everything.

Get Your Ticket Here🎟 




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