Zombie Party & Tales From the Underworld

Put on your Zombie Killing costume, gather your crew & let’s escape the Underworld together!!

October 23rd we’re having a Zombie party from 4pm until late, with Axe Games, >Storytelling > Fireboat & Mead Bar


4.00-5.30pm Zombie-killing Axe Games

for Norse Hawk Clan members (or those who have thrown with us before, but feel free to just watch!)

6pm – 7pm “Tales from the Underworld” performed by BlueCap Adventures

Once, in an ancient land, the rocks of the earth broke open and a young goddess was dragged down beneath. Today she returns to tell the stories she has carried back.

Want to know how they go? So do we! You’ll choose the path through tales of trapped gods, rivers of fire and desperate grasps for the light. Will you traverse the Duat, battle Hel, or take Hades on at his own game? Decide what the characters should do, then leave their fate and yours to the roll of the dice.

Blue Cap Adventures are creators of interactive stories. They make game theatre and tabletop roleplay games inspired by folklore and mythology. There’s no better way to bring magic to the everyday than by unleashing imaginations together.

Age Guidance: The show deals with death, but not in an upsetting or explicit way. It’s suitable for families, but not aimed at them.

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